Written By:  cws-admin October 10, 2017 at 5:20 pm

Dear Mr. Truttman;

I would like to just pass on a brief message about the service work done on my boat by David Gray and the service technician Sam who unfortunately I cannot recall his last name. Through a series of unfortunate coincidences to me, I felt the work done on my boat was not completed. After returning back and dropping it off on Monday and discussing what occurred with David he said he would check it out. I told him I need the boat back by Wednesday evening at the latest whether it was done or not, I would have to pick it up. (Not caring if it was done or not just that I needed the boat and would take it without the stuff working so I would not have to cancel a trip. )

David called me Tuesday afternoon. Had me come in and with the service man Sam explained what went wrong and why it happened. Actually a relatively simple fix. Extremely professional in every way, extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations of getting the boat back working in what I assume is a very busy season for you guys.

David took a situation from where initially I felt unhappy, to a situation where at any opportunity I get I will recommend Mr. Outboards service department to anyone who will listen to me. Sam was excellent in the way he explained to me how to prevent future issues and showing me how the service problem was solved.

Thank you for the excellent service and I commend these two men for their help and professionalism. It reflects very well upon your business.

Sincerely, Tod